What Is The Most Important Thing For YOU Right Now?

Susan Moe
2 min readJan 9, 2021


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Take a moment and really think about it.

What Is the most important thing for YOU right now?

When I ask this to my clients and students, common responses are — my family, finding a partner, getting a better job, healing this disease, solving such-and-such problem, etc.

Yes, these are all very important! However, none of these is the most important thing in your life.

I’ll give a hint: Right here, right now, in THIS very moment, what is the most important thing for you?

The answers usually change — my kids, my health, my family. Maybe now during the Covid-19 pandemic, people would respond with — not catching and/or spreading the virus, keeping my family safe and afloat, finding/keeping a job, making sure my kids are still being educated, etc.

Again, these are all very important to be sure, but they are not the Most Important thing in the present moment.

Another hint: The answer to this question is the SAME for every single one of us.

Does that help?

Answer: Your. Next. Breath.

Because without your next breath, you’ve got nada, nothin’, zip. Nothing else matters more than Your. Next. Breath.

So take one. Not a shallow upper chest breath. Take a deep, abdomen-expanding, filling and fulfilling breath. It will help if you focus on the exhale first:

  1. Breath out all the air in your lungs and then squeeze out several more breaths
  2. Hold your breath with your lungs empty for several seconds
  3. Take in a slow, deep inhale filling up your lungs

Notice how good you feel from this one, single, satisfying, oh so satiating breath! How long did that take? Surely, less than 20 seconds. You have this feeling available to you always, 24/7, for the rest of your life — until…Your. Last. Breath.

But it’s up to you. Can you create this content feeling? Can you be present enough to your own life to remember to take one of these physiological state-changing breaths? Can you give yourself the luxury of taking two of them? If things are exceptionally stressful, can you take 3 or 4?

Will being present at your breath level solve your problems? Nope. But it’s the first step to actualizing the magic of mindfulness. More on that later. This was just a simple reminder that the MOST IMPORTANT thing in your life at any given moment, albeit, the ONLY THING that matters, is Your. Next. Breath.

Such a gift! It’s free, immediate, powerful and abundant! So enjoy it:)!

Just. Breathe.



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